Casey Jones Hockey Mask (May 2012)
From the original Mirage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books.

Itís not often I venture outside of Star Wars for my costumes but when I do I try to make it unique. Iíve been a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles since I was a kid and IDWís recent relaunch of the comic series has gotten me back into it. I would love to have a Turtle costume but unfortunately thatís out of my reach, both financially and skill-wise. I realized I could instead do their human partner in kick-assery, Casey Jones! Thus began Project: GOONGALA!

As much as I love the original TMNT filmís Casey mask and costume, I decided I was going to pay tribute to the comics with the design of my costume. It will be an amalgam of both Mirage Vol. 1 and IDWís Casey. The masks from both series are very similar which made my decision to stick with the comic look much easier. It also helped that I had a Pepakura file for said mask saved on my computer from a couple years back, which is what I used to start my mask. After scaling it to fit my face, I printed this template and cut it out of thin cardboard for greater durability. Once assembled I began coating the front and back with bondo and resin.

Originally I had planned on making a mold and casting the mask in resin but an opportunity came up that allowed me to get some vacuum formed copies made and so I did. I shot some video of the process and have the clips compiled in this Youtube video:

At San Diego Comic-Con 2012 I had the opportunity to meet Kevin Eastman (creator of the TMNT), as I have several times in the past, and show him my mask. I had an idea which would make my mask totally unique and that was to have Kevin sketch on the mask and shade it as if he was drawing the character for the comic. Kevin, being the incredibly awesome person he is, was happy to oblige my request. The end result was more than I could ever have hoped for as he brought the mask to life with nothing more than a Sharpie.